Author Arietta Marinitsi, Panhellic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation was established in 2010, and is the largest animal welfare organization in Greece. Their mission is to protect and uphold the rights of animals through protest and legal actions. Click to see author's profile. Learn more about PFPO's work here.


Greece’s Minister of Development and Industry recently made alarming statements endorsing fur production and incorrectly characterizing fur as more environmentally friendly than alternatives. Greek activists are speaking out in response.


Hobbling is the practice by which an animal, normally an equine, has their limbs tied together to restrict their movement. Two veterinary professors give their input on how this practice impacts animals and whether it should be banned.


Greece’s Parliament has rejected a proposal to add protection for animal rights to the Greek Constitution, leaving animals unprotected, bringing great disappointment to the advocates who fought for the amendment, and revealing the heavy influence of moneyed interests in making this decision.