About Us

Animal People is a non-profit animal rights charity dedicated to generating knowledge and raising public awareness of animal sentience and suffering. It was founded in 1992, with the mission of:

“Exposing the existence of cruelty to animals and educating the public of the need to prevent and eliminate such cruelty; conducting or sponsoring animal care projects, both to directly alleviate animal suffering and to demonstrate humane methods of handling and responding to animal-related dilemmas; and studying animal-related issues via research, surveys, and investigative reports.”

Until 2013, Animal People’s primary avenue for fulfilling its mission was the publication Animal People News, a newspaper that reported current events related to animal protection around the world. In 2014 the newspaper was retired, and the organization’s resources pooled into development of a new, online project that would better serve the needs of the humane cause in the 21st century. Today, Animal People continues to fulfill its longstanding educational mission through the Animal People Forum, a global platform where people from all backgrounds can submit content, network, and discuss and debate issues and perspectives relevant to the animal protection movement.


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