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For Animal People's first 21 years of operation, Animal People News was our primary vehicle for humane education. Published eight to ten times per year, it reported current events worldwide relevant to the animal protection cause, as well as editorials, book reviews, and original research. We are currently constructing a new repository site, featuring the complete archive of all issues published between 1992 and 2013. Until the new site is operational, the original Animal People News site will remain active for those wishing to retrieve past articles.

(Please note: the Animal People News archives are intended as a historical resource. Animal People, Inc. cannot verify the accuracy of all material contained within, and does not endorse all views expressed in Animal People News)



Thanks to incredible breakthroughs in space exploration and digital technology, human encounters with alien life and sentient machines – long the domain of science fiction – may become realities within the foreseeable future. Meanwhile on Earth, scientists have learned that many animal species are highly intelligent and even conscious. Yet human society continues to exploit animals for its own ends, with scarcely a thought to their well-being. Will we treat other sentient beings we may someday encounter the same way, or can we learn to rethink our place in nature and treat all creatures with respect and compassion? This exhibit, Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence, explores what we now know about intelligence outside our species, what we still hope to learn, and the questions we face as we head into the future.