Challenging Fur-Ever Wild’s Treatment of Wolves

Fur-Ever Wild is a Minnesota-based business that displays wolves and other wildlife in a roadside zoo, breeds wolf pups for petting interactions, and later skins the wolves for their pelts, which are sold for a profit.


Zoos: Outdated and Cruel

Like circuses, zoos are a sign of their time, and the time where we think keeping animals in cages is entertaining or appropriate should be coming to an end.


Slaughterhouse Workers: The Meat Industry’s Other Victims

“My aim was to peek inside the slaughterhouse and to show that the workers shouldn’t be called “evil” or “bad people.” The core problem is the animal-industrial complex, the system of exploiting animals, which also has negative effects on the workers.”


What is “Clean Meat”?

Clean meat, cultured meat, or lab-grown meat: whatever you call it, meat made without killing animals is coming.


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To place a memorial to a loved one, human or non-human, or in honor of someone who made the world a kinder place for animals, please make a donation of any size to Animal People in the name of the departed, and e-mail a photograph and brief obituary, epitaph, or prayer to wolf@animalpeopleforum.org.

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In recent years, major news outlets have started taking note of the animal movement, and including coverage of animal rights, welfare, and conservation issues on a daily basis. Check out our curated selection of top stories from around the world, updated every day.


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