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The town council of Penang, Malaysia is killing dogs cruelly and indiscriminately, targeting both stray dogs and licensed pets, even though the region has been free of rabies for more than two years.


Don’t buy anything that has animal-based fabrics. Even a small leather pull tab or silk lining still fuels demand for cruelty. Use this guide to make sure that the clothes you find and like are also animal-free.


‘Defending Palestine: Liberating the People, the Land, and Animals’ will not be a traditional conference. It will focus on the shared struggle for land and liberation for all species in occupied Palestine, May 3 through May 6, 2018.

Animals in Research

Animals are not objects without feelings – their feelings are similar to ours. Although you on your own might not be able to stop industries that exploit animals, you can still make changes in your daily life that will help.