Cruel massacre of dogs by Penang Town Council


The town council of Penang, Malaysia is killing dogs cruelly and indiscriminately, targeting both stray dogs and licensed pets. The region has been free of rabies for more than two years. Thousands of dogs were killed after the most recent outbreak in September and October 2015. Yet the Malaysian federal government still hasn’t declared Penang rabies-free, and the local government continues to massacre dogs.

The video below shows how they kill our dogs. They stepped on the dogs’ heads, restrained the dogs’ bodies inside a drain, then poked the needles right into their hearts to die painfully. Of the twenty dogs killed in this incident, at least one survived the supposedly “lethal” injection. The men can be seen in the video stomping him or her to death.

Is Penang’s local council, a government body, not committing a crime by using such barbaric methods of killing dogs without the presence of a qualified vet? Years of effort were spent to get this video. This is just one small part of the cruelties that have been recorded. Imagine how many more offenses the council has committed. Yet they still walk away freely, feeling proud that they are doing a good job for Penang!

There have been no new reported killings since March, and the local government has begun doing small-scale TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return) of captured dogs. But until now the Penang City Council has claimed they couldn’t do TNVR until Penang was declared rabies-free, and still doesn’t plan to launch large-scale TNVR for street dogs until 2019. State elections are coming up May 9, and we have no idea whether TNVR will materialize or dog killing will resume afterward.

You can help raise awareness of the situation in Penang by following Penang Animal Catchers Watch on Facebook. The page was created by an individual not part of any NGO, but brave enough to stand up to the government on behalf of strays. Please like and share widely to hold Penang City Council accountable!

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Featured image: stray dog in Penang in October 2016. Image courtesy Wolf Gordon Clifton / Animal People, Inc.

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  1. Jacqueline Peters on

    Humans are supposed to be civilized, respectful and kind. There”s none of this in these HORRIFIC acts

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