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Rabies kills approximately 59,000 people annually, with a majority of cases caused by dog bites. However, this disease is fully preventable, and dog vaccination programs are not only humane and cost-effective, but also proven to be effective in reducing rabies cases.


A majority of domestic violence survivors report that their family pets were abused as part of the cycle of violence experienced at home. With few DV shelters offering pet-friendly housing options, many survivors delay leaving abusive situations out of concern for their pets. RedRover offers resources to help families, including their animal members, escape abuse.


Whether by land or by air, and whether from situations like animal hoarding, natural disasters, dogfighting rings, or overburdened shelters, this organization steps (or flies) in to transport animals in need from danger to safety.

Animals in Research

In what has been called ‘the pet effect,’ companion animals can relieve suffering and enrich people’s lives in measurable ways. The company of animals helps improve chronic pain, PTSD symptoms, depression and grief, and more.

Companion Animals

Founding Vafa ran counter to the dominant culture and it was thus not taken seriously. When people heard of what Vafa did for dogs, their response was likely to be mockery or even disbelief. Without water or electricity, without financial backing and with limited human resources, it had to face many difficulties in the beginning. But things changed.

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