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If you have ever arrived home to be greeted by a wagging tail, you might already know how awesome life with pets can be. But it’s not only the love and companionship that we get from them; pets can be great for our health too.


Various studies and statistics have demonstrated a strong link between animal cruelty and other violent crimes, such as domestic abuse and homicide. The report aims to increase awareness of that link among law enforcement officers and equip them with tools to more effectively address animal abuse.


The project’s massive turn out demonstrated the power of education and how human ignorance has led to suffering for many dogs in rural communities. The OIPA team has done something very good for this community and potentially saved the lives of people, children and dogs from a terrible disease.

Companion Animals

Raha was badly injured by people who taped his mouth shut around fireworks and lit them. His story is one of horrible cruelty, but it’s also one of generous volunteers all over the world pulling together to help him, and of Raha’s beautiful ability to trust and love humans even after he was harmed so badly.


The passing of a new hunting law in Croatia has banned the previously-legal killing or ”removal” of dogs and cats on hunting lands. However, the law also puts humans and pets in danger, and was developed without the input of any animal protection or environmental organizations.

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