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Animals in Entertainment

Bulls of fire is an extremely cruel Spanish bloodsport. In it, torches are tied to bulls’ horns and then set on fire, all for the entertainment of the crowd. This atrocious physical and mental torture, considered a tradition, is still practiced in two Spanish regions, namely Catalonia and Valencia.

Animal sacrifice

Significant numbers of owls are being illegally trapped and sacrificed each year in India to supply rituals and ceremonies marking annual Diwali celebrations. While the exact number of owls traded domestically is unknown, estimates place the figure in the thousands.


These athletes show with their incredible performance in a wide variety of sports, including cycling, running, football and weightlifting, that it is completely possible to be strong and physically capable on a vegan diet.

Animals in Research

While the global number of vegans rises each year, so does the number of animals killed for meat. Without a larger commitment to antispeciesism, what purpose does the vegan label serve, and how much change can it ultimately create?

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