Greece’s first Official Animal Rights March: Massive, passionate and powerful


On October 6th, the Greek city of Athens held the country’s first instance of the Official Animal Rights March. The event was well-attended and no doubt left a strong imprint on the history of the animal protection movement in Greece. The event’s intention was to show that all animals have intrinsic value and their own desires, and that animals should not be exploited.

The event was organized by the non-profit initiative Ethos and Empathy. The day was full of powerful and unique moments. Many organizations and groups and a large crowd of people participated during the march, including our members from Athens and other cities.

The October 6 Official Animal Rights March in Athens, Greece.

Through this event any many others like it, the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation (PFPO) will continue to struggle for the protection of all living creatures on earth.

This march was one of many global Official Animal Rights Marches held this year. The Official Animal Rights March began in London in 2016 with 2,500 people, and doubled in size in 2017. 2018’s iteration of the march occurred in over 25 cities all over the world.

Featured image from the October 6 Animal Rights March in Athens, Greece. This image and all images in this story credited to PFPO.

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The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation was established in 2010, and is the largest animal welfare organization in Greece. Their mission is to protect and uphold the rights of animals through protest and legal actions. Click to see author's profile. Learn more about PFPO's work here.


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