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Azerbaijan’s animal activist community has issued a statement pleading with the international community to help them put an end to the mass abuse and killing of stray dogs. Despite being illegal, the violence is carried out by authorities such as police and shelter employees.


Hobbling is the practice by which an animal, normally an equine, has their limbs tied together to restrict their movement. Two veterinary professors give their input on how this practice impacts animals and whether it should be banned.


We have a moral duty to combat climate change in everyday life, and we can start at the dinner table. The single biggest thing a person can do right now to reduce their impact on climate change is stop consuming animal products and transition to a vegan diet.

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These semiaquatic rodents can reproduce rapidly and cause environmental degradation in habitats where they lack predators, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be killed. A program in Italy has had great success with surgically sterilizing and releasing them.

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