Greek Organization PFPO Attends Eurogroup for Animals’ Annual Event in Brussels


On June 19th 2019, Greek animal protection organization PFPO (Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation) attended Eurogroup For Animals’ annual event in Brussels, Belgium. Our federation explained its values and priorities and gave the promise that, if necessary, we will be also involved in animal issues in the European Union.

Corine Pelluchon, Professor of Philosophy and Applied Ethics at the University of Paris, made a speech at the opening of the conference. She analyzed the path from ethics to politics and discussed the gap that exists between awareness of animal rights and reality. Her speech left us feeling that we should all make efforts to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

A discussion with new members of European Parliament, Anja Hazekamp, Sirpa Pietikainen, Martin Buschmann and Martin Hojsik followed. Several questions were asked of them and they were asked to make a commitment to prioritize animal issues.

PFPO's representatives

PFPO’s representatives. Image via PFPO. 

There was a presentation on the End the Cage Age campaign, which will be in active status till the end of September. This campaign aims to end the practice of keeping farmed animals in cages in Europe. The importance of gathering as many signatures as possible was emphasized.

Animal welfare societies that participated in the competition “Campaign 4 Animals” presented their most successful campaign from the last year. Italian organization Essere Animali was awarded for their campaign “Anche I Pesci” (Fish Too), which aims to raise awareness around fish welfare.

Eurogroup For Animals is very interested in developments concerning animal issues in our country. Our Federation’s representatives Vicky Christou and Niki Tiliakou were informed on animal issues in EU member countries. They had the opportunity to exchange views and engage in dialogue, which will benefit animals in Greece.

Featured image: Eurogroup for Animals’ 2019 event in Brussels. Image via PFPO.

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