Croatia’s Third March for Animals: Louder and Bigger


Organizations Animal Friends Croatia and Victoria’s Association invite everyone to join the third March for Animals in Zagreb, Croatia on April 13th at 11:00 AM.

Although the novelty hasn’t yet worn off from the second March for Animals, held in December of last year, preparations for the third March for Animals have already begun. This march will be, according to the announcements of organizers Animal Friends Croatia and Victoria’s Association, even bigger and louder than ever before.

The previous March for Animals was like a good wine: it needed no bush. This was partly due to the biggest
vegan flag in the world, which was nine meters long and carried by approximately 10 people, and partly due to the wonderful energy that was felt from the very beginning of the gathering. That energy managed to fill the hearts of hundreds of gathered citizens and inspire hope for a better future with less suffering and violence, something everyone present was calling for.

The same hopes and dreams will gather participants of the third March for Animals, and the messages of compassion, righteousness and love for all of the Earth’s inhabitants will be expressed through banners, flags, colorful torches, and slogans and chants that will echo through the central streets of Zagreb on April 13th this year. Everybody is welcome to join us.

Animal Friends Croatia has released the above teaser video with English subtitles. 

Animal Friends Croatia invites everybody through their Facebook event page, saying, “Please immediately mark April 13th in your calendar as the date when you will put away your winter coats, and instead go out in the streets with the most creative and compelling banners so far, with the most positive energy and the most determination to create a more righteous world. Start exercising your vocal chords because Croatia’s third March for Animals will be the biggest and loudest of them all!

Organizers from Victoria’s Association add: “If you care for animals and want to be their voice and their ambassador, if you oppose any kind of animal abuse (in entertainment industries like circuses and zoos, the food and textile industries, and laboratory testing), care deeply for abandoned animals, and want to be a part of the growing movement against violence and for justice, join the third March for Animals! The gathering is at King Tomislav Square as always. See you there!“

More information about Croatia’s third March for Animals can be found here.

Featured image: the second March for Animals, held in Zagreb in 2018. Image credit Animal Friends Croatia.

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