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While there is no dearth of self-help titles, books on animal activism, or on veganism, there didn’t appear to be any one book that spoke to all three areas. That’s why I decided to write my own book, called Animal Persuasion.


It is the culture of this land and root of this soil that grants protection to cows and prohibits their slaughter. Irrespective of one’s religion, it is the responsibility of all inhabitants of India to protect and respect the cow and its progeny.

Companion Animals

It is known that dogs have a great appetite to eat, so if your puppy suddenly stopped eating… I think you would sorely experience sadness and confusion for your dog, and wish to return him to what he was in good health. Here are seven ways to overcome loss of appetite in dogs.

Animal sacrifice

One has to be part of the raiding team to understand the cruelty inflicted to the dogs. Their muzzles shut tied by strings, their tongues swollen because they have bitten them when their snouts were forcefully tied, dead ones piled up on by the weak ones and the stench, it never leaves you; it is as horrible as the sight before you. AKF almost always bury half of the number of dogs recovered from these raids.

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