How to Save Over 1,000 Animals in Under 10 Hours!


You have the capacity to save over 1000 animals in under 10 hours!

To become a stronger voice for animal rights, you first need to make yourself visible and get active in your community – whether that means going door-knocking in your neighbourhood, or leafleting at your college or office, or giving a talk at your local school. The only way to reach more people and get more people to stand up for animals, is for you to talk to them and persuade them!

One of the simplest ways to do this, especially if you are all alone, is to leaflet in your chosen community, with your chosen message – whether to help dogs, or to go vegan! Research shows that if you leaflet for roughly 2 hours, you can reach out to a whopping 500 people! Over 7 days of leafleting, you reach out to 2000 people, meaning you stand a chance of saving 1000 animals in just 7 days!*

To help budding animal rights activists, FIAPO has come up with a visual guide to ‘Leaflet Like a Pro’, so that you can reach out to people more effectively with the message of cruelty free living!

If you are feeling more adventurous, you might also want to join India’s national animal rights movement for the ‘The Day of Living Free’ on 12th April, with the nationwide campaign ‘Eyes Wide Open’, which seeks to open the public’s eyes to the fates of millions of farmed animals across the country. For the first time in India, we will be launching Virtual Reality in 6 cities together!

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* Based on research by The Humane League in cooperation with Farm Sanctuary


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