Adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle with FIAPO’s new Vegan Starter Kit!


Do you wish to live a life free of cruelty to animals, but lack the expertise or inspiration for taking your next step toward a more compassionate lifestyle?

We know how challenging it can be to transition to an animal-free diet. Many new vegans find it challenging to skip cream in their cup of coffee every morning, or curb the desire for a big slice of chocolate cake made with dairy or eggs.

So we came up with a simple solution to help you switch to a cruelty-free life: an easy-to-follow Vegan Starter Kit!

All your questions – from “Where should I start?” to “What difference can I make?” – are answered here!

We’ve even included a section on how to read the fine print on labels and ingredients lists while shopping for animal-friendly products.

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step toward a more compassionate and animal-friendly lifestyle today!

(Featured image credit Daniel Echeverri, CC BY 2.0, color adjusted)

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