What Is FIV and How Does It Affect Cats?

Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIV) is an acquired virus, similar to Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV). Fortunately, cats with FIV can live long and happy lives.


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To place a memorial to a loved one, human or non-human, or in honor of someone who made the world a kinder place for animals, please make a donation of any size to Animal People in the name of the departed, and e-mail a photograph and brief obituary, epitaph, or prayer to wolf@animalpeopleforum.org.

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In recent years, major news outlets have started taking note of the animal movement, and including coverage of animal rights, welfare, and conservation issues on a daily basis. Check out our curated selection of top stories from around the world, updated every day.


  • This is heartening! If only we could evolve faster…
    [bpfb_link url=’http://wakeup-world.com/2015/10/22/survival-of-the-kindest-evidence-humankind-is-evolving-to-become-more-compassionate/’ title=’Survival of the Kindest: Evidence Humankind is Evolving to Become More Compassionate | Wake Up World’…[Read more]

  • What do space exploration and artificial intelligence research have to do with animal rights? Find out in Animal People’s online exhibit, “Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence!”
    [bpfb_link url=’https://animalpeopleforum.org/beyondhuman/’ title=’BEYOND HUMAN | Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence’…[Read more]

  • Compassion for all sentient beings is perhaps the most central value in Buddhism. For Naropa University, a Buddhist-affiliated institution, to massacre prairie dogs – which, incidentally, communicate with the closest equivalent to a human language known in another species – is both unethical and sacrilegious.
    [bpfb_link…[Read more]

  • An incredible scene from the animated film The Book of Life, in which the hero apologizes to the angry souls of all bulls ever killed by bullfighters.

  • I really like this commercial! Unfortunately, most so-called “free range” operations are really only marginally less awful than industry standards, crowding animals into dark, stressful, unclean enclosures even if they don’t “cage” them per se. I still appreciate that the value of treating animals with respect has become mainstream enough for…[Read more]

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