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To place a memorial to a loved one, human or non-human, or in honor of someone who made the world a kinder place for animals, please make a donation of any size to Animal People in the name of the departed, and e-mail a photograph and brief obituary, epitaph, or prayer to

Animal News Stories from Around the Web

In recent years, major news outlets have started taking note of the animal movement, and including coverage of animal rights, welfare, and conservation issues on a daily basis. Check out our curated selection of top stories from around the world, updated every day.


  • [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’Bernie Sanders on Animal Welfare’ image=’’]Co-sponsoring several pieces of legislation to protect the interests of animals shows the position of Bernie Sanders on animal rights[/bpfb_link]
  • Why would someone with so little empathy for animals even want to become a vet in the first place?
    [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’Vet Who Killed Cat With Arrow Finally Getting Punished’…[Read more]

  • [bpfb_video][/bpfb_video]
  • Finally, we’re ready to start inviting preliminary contributors in to explore the site and submit content. So excited to finally reach this milestone!

  • I think I’ve said before how good all the Gardein products are. The orangey Mandarin non-chicken is ever so good, especially if you add some veggies like sugar snap peas and tomatoes and serve with rice. The beef less burger is almost incredibly good, especially with the only vegan sliced non-cheese I like, which is Chao. Except for Trader Joe’s…[Read more]

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