POETRY: Saying ‘Hello’ to a Sheep


A poem written for my first time participating in a Save Movement event:

Your fate is not described in films and books
No tale of The Knife. No painting of The Hooks

You and your friends that you hold so dear
Jump over each other in total fear

So what do I say to you, stranger,
When I know that you are in danger?

Your eyes stare in terror at me
And I know you just want to be free

I say “Hello” and touch your head
But nothing more from me can be said

The feelings that I have are true
For I am not so very different from you

I know the horror that you will go through
And when I look at you, I think that you know too

I look around and all my friends are crying
For you, all there is left is the dying

Featured image credit Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals.

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I am a performance poet. I take part in human rights and animal rights non-violent protests. As a Buddhist I believe in Ahimsa. Click to see author's profile.

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