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Man is said to be the crown of God’s creation. In other words, we as humans are meant to protect our surroundings. We are allowed minimal use of what there is for our own advantage. Yet we face a modern age where selfishness has kicked in and is escalating at a high rate. Sympathy and empathy can only be found in a handful of people. Are we aware of what is happening out there? Are we conscious enough to attend to the needs of others? We play an important role in maintaining our ecosystem and its life, but we are losing the little we have.

A day ago, a friend of mine and I were eating at a local restaurant near our house. I couldn’t help but notice this cat limping upon our arrival. While seated, my friend, Clarisse mentioned that the kitty’s paw was dangling. The cat walked closer to me looking for food and I managed to take a closer look at her. From a veterinary perspective I could see that necrosis had set in in the tissue surrounding the carpal and the metacarpal. We knew we had to do something before the wound triggered further complications in the cat.

I picked up the cat, now named Bells, and told her that we would fix her. She looked at me with those sad eyes and did not retaliate when I placed her into the pet carrier to take her home. Later in the day, a fellow vet friend of mine said that she needed amputation, and the wound on her leg was caused by a rubber band that was tied around her paw! Who on earth would do such a thing to a cat? There are sayings that there are no good or bad people, just people with different perceptions and morals. Some people think it’s fun to do this to an animal, but some think it’s immoral to do so since animals have their own rights and also deserve to be free from suffering.


I’m trying to fathom the fact that humanity is becoming a lost cause to fight for. Were we not raised properly to treat other beings with respect? What does it take to show empathy towards animals? How far have we gone to destroy other lives because of our selfish needs? How are we going to instill simple values into young children to care more for the animals out there?

Yes you had the guts to do such a thing. But how in the world does one manage to have the heart to do it? Could you not think of the consequences that will befall the cat, or any other animal you have harmed?

So many questions go unanswered. Humans need a wake up call! Are we capable of love? If we are, I think it’s time to pay attention to our surroundings and start caring a little more for the fellow souls out there.

We need to respect other beings before it’s too late. They too need someone to speak out for them, care for them and love them. If you can’t help, at least don’t be an accomplice to animal abuse by standing and watching. Find the courage to stand up for the animals! Spread love and not hate, so we can live in this ecosystem harmoniously.

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