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In the end, we can’t make other people do anything. But we can influence them in the right direction and help them open their heart and minds.

Animals in Entertainment

The lab monkey, fur mink, and racing horse will not be liberated through compromise. They need so-called extremism. As Dr. King suggested, an extremist for justice is a label that carries no shame; indeed, it should be embraced.

Animals in Research

While the global number of vegans rises each year, so does the number of animals killed for meat. Without a larger commitment to antispeciesism, what purpose does the vegan label serve, and how much change can it ultimately create?

Disaster Relief

Someday in the future, a population of rabbits on a distant archipelago might be something people would marvel at. The focus of conservation should be on promoting environmental stability rather than attempting to reintroduce or eliminate particular species.

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