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May I appeal to you to join me in urging the Catholic Church to oppose the bullfight?

This campaign began with requests for tweets and Facebook posts. In continuation I am asking for emails to the Pope at, using the following message (copy and paste) or your own words:

Pope Francis, show your concern for creation by condemning the bullfight and directing that your Bishops officially proclaim your condemnation.

Fr. Federico Lombardi is the Director of the Vatican Press Office, and the best person to contact the reach the Pope by email.

The bullfight involves a ritual of prolonged, agonizing torture of bulls for entertainment. Many thousands of bulls are violently abused in this way each year. The Catholic Church needs to speak out against the bullfight partly because of the Church’s ability to exert influence in Catholic countries like Spain where bullfights take place, and partly because the Church is complicit in this cruelty. Bullfights are promoted, enacted and watched by Catholics, bullfights are staged to celebrate feast days of Catholic Saints, and far from condemning them, many priests are actively involved themselves.

Your emails will help greatly to strengthen our campaign. Please take the time to send one.

Many thanks,

Virginia Bell
Catholic Action for Animals

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In response to Pope Francis’ call for dialogue and action concerning the care of our common home, Catholic Action for Animals (a group of Catholics in Milton Keynes) has set up a local parish group which meets once a month, to educate about and promote concern for our fellow creatures, and to be a witness to the Church’s concern for animals, There is much to do, as Catholic clergy are usually silent about animal matters, which is reflected in church-goers' attitudes towards animals. Click to see author's profile.


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