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Animals in Research

Dogs are usually considered intelligent when they are easy to train and prone to follow commands, but “trainability” is not the only measure of intelligence.


For a Western hunter to pay to kill an African animal and expatriate their parts is a form of objectification, dehumanizing and therefore morally reprehensible. It may entrench a Western narrative of supremacy underpinned by chauvinistic, colonialist and crudely utilitarian anthropocentric attitudes.


In an interview with the Founder of Health in Harmony, we discuss what happens when rainforest conservation starts out with radically listening to local communities, and when assistance is framed as a thank you from the world for protecting these precious ecosystems.

Companion Animals

When is the word “euthanasia” used appropriately, to describe a mercy killing, and when is it used to hide the unpleasant fact that human action, inaction or incompetence led to the killing of an animal?

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