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Your bird feeder could lead to the death of a bear whose only “crime” is being smart, industrious and very good at finding food, according to bear expert Linda Masterson. In her new book, ‘Living With Bears Handbook,’ Masterson explains that bear feeders, more commonly known as bird feeders, are one of the biggest cause of human-bear problems.


Tree House Humane Society offers a proven, humane, long-term, “green,” alternative solution to Chicago’s growing rat issue. The project relocates feral or community cats to new territories where their hunting instincts and mere presence results in reduced numbers of rats, while giving them a safe and secure location where they can live out the rest of their lives.

Animals in Research

Innocuous as individual mice and rats appear to be, and as easily befriended as they often are, they remain collectively an authentic menace to human health and agriculture. There is much we must understand if humans are to evolve a less violent coexistence with these creatures, who share virtually every human dwelling, place of business, and site of food production or preparation.


A wild animal’s status as endangered or non-endangered is irrelevant from an animal rights perspective. Conservation approaches are not going to be successful in resolving the fundamental problems of how animals and humans can share the earth.

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