VIDEO: Our Betrayal of Wildlife – The Horrors of Trapping


(Featured image: bobcat caught in leghold trap in Wisconsin. Credit Seth Carlson, used under CC BY-NC 2.0)

Sadly, while our society has a lot of empathy for companion animals, wildlife issues remain largely ignored. There is a lack of understanding about “wildlife management” due to propaganda shared by sportsmen groups or wildlife control agencies that cater to these groups. Furthermore, the media often contributes to the problem with stories about pets that were taken by predators, rather than providing information about humane abatement.

For those organizations and individuals who are interested in raising awareness about the horrors of trapping, this short video was created to be used as a resource either together with an action alert, or alone.  While some states still permit 96 hours for an animal to lie helpless and injured, many states have reduced their trap check times to 24 hours. Better yet, trapping bans are also being considered and that is the ultimate goal, of course.

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