For the Profanity Peak Wolf Pack: “The Lament”


(Featured image credit: Lolu Photography, used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

They have run all day
With the caribou.
Now, silvered shadows
On the moonlit tundra
They gather.
In one small last circle
They raise their heads
In ageless ritual
And sing.
A planetary, timeless howl.

And the wind
Takes their song
In her arms
And scatters it
Like silver rain
Over the Earth.
And the last whales
For the wolves.
And the last elephants
Lift their great heads
And sing.
And all earth’s children
Sing for the wolves
For they know
What tomorrow brings.

And the wolves
In their silver circle
Sing for life
Sing for the earth
Sing for the caribou
For they know
The men in helicopters

And tomorrow
They will run with the caribou
Run for life.


Mary de La Valette

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