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Animals in Entertainment

A bull is every bit as capable of feeling anguish, distress and suffering as a human being, and to justify making any sentient being feel thus for the sake of a sport is offensive to the principles of Indian Dharma. In this regard, Prakash Javadekar has betrayed the very Hindu Dharma that he used as a platform to get himself elected in the first place.

Current Events

Legal advancements for animals can often come at a painfully slow pace. But recently, we couldn’t help but notice how many wins and promising animal law-related news items kept coming in.


Each movement and each component sub-movement, if winning public support–progresses through eight cyclical phases that Moyer identified through long observation of the civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam War movement, anti-nuclear movement, and labor movement, among others in which he was personally involved.


“I don’t mean to say that women who eat meat are bad feminists, but I do encourage feminists to examine the parallels between our oppression and the way animals used for agriculture are treated. To me, veganism is the logical conclusion to be drawn from feminism.”

Animals in Research The Brown Dog memorial, sculpted by artist Nicola Hicks. The current statue replaces an older one, erected near University College in London in 1906, in memory of a dog that had been vivisected without anesthesia by multiple professors over a two month period. The original statue was removed by police following riots between medical students and anti-vivisection activists. (Photo credit: Tagishsimon, used under CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped from original)

The biomedical research community has already agreed in principle that scientific use of animals should be subject to rigorous scientific review… If the practices and regulations… were changed or amended so that scientific use of animals were to be conducted in an improved and strict manner regarding the welfare of animals, we believe that animal advocates would agree not to interfere with such research or specifically object to it through targeted campaigns.

Animal sacrifice

…the temple authorities of Gadhimai Temple made the announcement that the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of animals, held every five years, would be permanently canceled. The world’s largest animal sacrifice had finally come to an end.

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