Audio-Psychic Signals: A Unique Approach to Animal Communication


It was the summer of 1997 when I experienced a very potent synchronicity, which hit me with a physical and mental jolt. This experience led me to discover that normally inaccessible informational signals could be detected by their manifestation on audio recordings, which I was vigorously analyzing in pioneering, and increasingly personal, ways.

Although I have conducted literally thousands of hours of experiments and exploration of audio-psychic communication in all its facets, I will focus in this article on its potential benefits for understanding animals. I believe the information it provides can help not only personal pets and other individual animals, but also to gain insights into the mysteries of animal consciousness.

I think most of us would agree that animals operate on very different levels of consciousness than most humans, and seem to tap into levels of perception which elude the conscious capacities of our species. More than a few times I have recorded dogs that I have never met before, and detected phrases in the audio expressing the sentiment ‘we know of you,’ causing me to suspect that animals are very much tuned into what is often called the ‘collective consciousness,’ or even the spirit realms for that matter.

However, the main focus of my work is on accessing information that can be acted upon, and I have indeed documented very specific information, including the names of people in animals’ personal lives. Can you imagine the implications for an animal separated from their human family by many miles, without any form of identification, if the animal can present pertinent information that can be accessed and followed as a lead?

In the two short audio presentations below, I offer examples from interactions with dogs in two different situations on the very same block, in the neighborhood where I formerly lived in Seattle. While audio-psychic signals sound as clear as regular audio samples to me, other people often say they cannot hear them. I have chosen to share the particular samples below because the signals are relatively easy for others to understand with their own ears. Even though you may not hear them exactly as I do, I am fairly confident that you will be able to detect that there is something profound emerging out of these two dogs’ vocal energies.



I have documented informational bits from a variety of species of animals, which push the boundaries of what we understand about consciousness and awareness. Phenomena of this type is not rare; it is actually all around us.

A few years ago, I worked in downtown Seattle at what was called a ‘retirement community.’ It was a ten story luxury hotel building that had been built in the early 1920s, and converted into apartments for well-to-do seniors in the mid 1970s. Many of the residents lived out their lives in this building, and many of them checked out through their physical death, spending their final days on the Health Center floor, where two cats from the same litter also lived. The cats were sisters from the same litter, named Lucy and Molly, and I was told by many of the staff members who worked on this floor that, like clock work, these cats would go to the beds of residents and sit with them in the very final hour that they were alive.

It is said that dogs can sniff out cancer cells. These cats’ ability to predict residents’ passing may or may not be a similar faculty, but I still find it highly profound and would like to understand it better. I am quite compelled to push ahead to expand my experience in this field, if circumstances will allow.

I am seeking to collaborate in my audio-psychic work with people who are truly ready to take on such an endeavor, even for a one time session. If you would prefer to observe from the sidelines, I appreciate this as well. If you know people who may wish to collaborate, or media organizations interested in covering my findings, please put them in touch. My e-mail address is

Brian A. Jones
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