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Animal Voice, South Africa’s umbrella organization for humane education, has launched a new learning platform from Grade R right up to university level. We want to ensure that our learners and young people become part of the new tomorrow, in which consideration of animal welfare is a given – not an option – in everything we do.

There has been so much exciting news involving progress for animals. In particular, a recent Constitutional Court judgment has put us on a new path towards a humane world by acknowledging that:

  • Animals have intrinsic value as individuals
  • Animal protection safeguards the moral status of humans and prevents the degeneration of human values


As one of South Africa’s leading law academics, David Bilchitz, puts it:

“The Constitutional Court judgment has opened the door for us to re-evaluate the law and give animals their entitlement to decent treatment.”

In support of this burgeoning world awareness of the sentience and cognitive abilities of animals, we have launched the Animal Voice Academy, designed to rekindle the spirit of care and respect across the learning spectrum.

Please spread the word to friends, family and schools that the following comprehensive, curriculum-aligned resources are now available as e-books for downloading. They are meant not only for teachers, but include fun and challenging activities for learners too.

  • Foundation Phase Teacher’s Guide to Humane Education 
  • Intermediate Phase Teacher’s Guide to Humane Education
  • Senior Phase and FET manuals (coming soon!)


In addition, students in all spheres of life who are interested in understanding the history of the animal rights movement – with a special focus on South Africa – and where we go from here, can take part in a certification course by visiting the learning platform Human Ethics and Animal Rights (HEAR).

It’s all here:

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Animal Voice is the umbrella organization for humane education and the official representative of Compassion in World Farming in South Africa. We work towards the adoption of a humane, non-violent, anti-cruelty approach to the treatment of animals consonant with respect for and promotion of all the rights set out in the South African Constitution. We do this through education programs targeted at the youth, adults, educators, policy makers, government, industry and the broader public, and through various advocacy campaigns, which aim to establish and sustain best practices across a range of animal use industries, and with the natural world at large Click to see author's profile.

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