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This wolf was captured and offered for sale outside of Byblos. As the snare tightened around him, he tore up his legs trying to pull free.
The wolf is still on two antibiotics, pain medication, and monitored daily to make sure the wounds heal properly.

Animal sacrifice

One has to be part of the raiding team to understand the cruelty inflicted to the dogs. Their muzzles shut tied by strings, their tongues swollen because they have bitten them when their snouts were forcefully tied, dead ones piled up on by the weak ones and the stench, it never leaves you; it is as horrible as the sight before you. AKF almost always bury half of the number of dogs recovered from these raids.


Male and female chimpanzees achieve social status in dramatically different ways. While males actively challenge their superiors to win higher rank, females accept their position in the social pecking order, waiting until more senior group members die before moving up the ladder.


Wild horses.
Flowing manes
Exuberant screaming
Thundering over the plains
In an ecstasy of freedom…


Open your eyes! The European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) is a critically endangered species. This video was shot at Bafa Lake in Turkey to wake people up from the darkness of ignorance.

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