Dear ‘Concerned’ Citizens: More Action, Less Facebook Posts


(Featured image credit: Adam Cohn, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Dear “Concerned” Citizen,

Instead of posting a photo of a dog tied out in the rain to Facebook and waiting for animal lovers and animal welfare groups to take notice, try something else.

Try stepping out of your house and have a friendly talk with your neighbor.

Try contacting your barangay to ask for their help if you are unable to talk to your neighbor.

Bring some makeshift shelter for the dog, or give or throw in some food.

Take the animal, if this is possible. Leave a note.

If you do end up posting a photo anyway, kindly provide the name and address of your neighbor, or the name and contact number of your barangay official / subdivision official.

Don’t know the name of the neighbor? Don’t know the name or contact number of barangay? Don’t know any one there because you were just passing by? FIND OUT before posting.

It is your duty. It is the responsible thing to do.

Make sure you’ve done something that directly helps the animal before posting on FB.

Thank you.


Anna Cabrera

Philippine Animal Welfare Society

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