Stopping animal cruelty in Ukraine


At Animal Protection UA we do exactly what our name says – we protect animals from suffering in Ukraine. In the country’s current economic situation, people can’t take care of their home animals. Because of this animals do not receive medical support and live in inappropriate conditions. We are directly helping low-income pet owners because the government does not have funds even for human shelters.

Our work includes helping people who can’t take care of their pets, rescuing wild animals from private zoos, and sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs and cats in the country. Wherever possible we return rescued animals to their natural environment. But we also provide a permanent home for animals that can no longer survive in the wild.

As human populations expand, wildlife comes under increasing threat. By rescuing individual animals and reintroducing them into protected areas in the wild, our work also plays a role in the conservation of the species as a whole.

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