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Animals in Entertainment

Pope St. Pius V described bullfights as “a spectacle for demons rather than men.” As a practicing Catholic, I am saddened to say that the moral aspect of our treatment of other creatures is a part of Catholic teaching that our Catholic leaders have long neglected. Pope Francis is trying to put that right. Let’s take advantage of that and ask him to condemn bullfighting.


A growing trend in the United States, cat cafés have been introduced in several cities including New York, Oakland, and San Diego. What will set Tree House’s Cat Café apart is its location. Unlike other cat cafés which are stand-alone, Tree House’s Cat Café will be situated inside what will be one of the most innovative, cat-centric shelters in the country.


It is my opinion that animal activists who stand against factory farming are among the most courageous people in America. They must brave the light of their own convictions, and stand against ridicule, hatred, and violence toward both the animals and themselves for pointing out the obvious—that animals are living beings and deserving of respect.


At the start of our tenth anniversary year, we are proud to review the progress ACTAsia has made in 2015. As we reach towards the next generation of children, vets, teachers and consumers, we are sure that by supporting the act of compassion, compassion is beginning to speak for itself.


For centuries, animals have been considered in Liberia as commodities and source of income without regard to their welfare. Since the establishment of Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society, we continue to be active in promoting the welfare and rights of animals and people in Liberia.

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