Successful campaign sterilizes nearly 300 dogs and cats in Mioveni, Romania


Dogs are spayed and neutered during the recent sterilization campaign at the Mioveni public shelter.

On September 3-8, in a partnership with Mioveni City Hall, the Romanian organization National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA) organized the first free sterilization campaign at the Mioveni public shelter. During this campaign, our collaborator vets sterilized 291 animals, which included 124 dogs from the public shelter and 167 dogs and cats brought in by their human caretakers. Mioveni City Hall and SEdC Mioveni (Mioveni Community Services) have embraced our sterilization program by promoting the adoptions of shelter dogs and collaborating to improve conditions for the 400 dogs who are currently living in the shelter.

Dogs await sterilization procedures at the public shelter.

The campaign for sterilization was financially supported by the German organization Helft Handeln, with whom we have been working for several years in support of animals in Romania. Helft Handeln has not only been involved financially, but also practically, by transporting animals to the sterilization site in cases where lack of transportation was a barrier.

People arrive with their animals to the sterilization site.

The daily responsibilities of a public shelter are many, so our involvement in the public shelter during the campaign went beyond sterilization. We also helped with the treatment of dogs with medical problems, as well as puppy deworming and vaccinations.

When a stray animal population has largely been generated by un-neutered companion animals, as is the case in Mioveni, Romania, education on the benefits of animal sterilization and legal requirements for animal caregivers is paramount in solving the issue. Education for humans is the foundation of successful sterilization programs, which is then supplemented by free sterilization for those without adequate financial resources.

Dog food arrives at the public shelter (left) and dogs are fed (right).

In relation to our sterilization campaign, Mioveni City Hall and SEdC have launched the campaign “The Shelter is Not Home.” Within this campaign, in partnership with National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA), the local authorities organized the first adoption day in Mioveni, in a park outside the Mioveni public shelter. We urge anyone who wants a pet to adopt and not buy! The rescued animal’s gratitude and the satisfaction of adopting from a shelter are feelings that can’t be found in any pet store.

Dogs in the outdoor yard at the Mioveni public shelter.

Featured image: a puppy receives medical care as part of the campaign. This image and all images in this story credited to National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA).

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