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Nowadays thousands of mistreated, abandoned and helpless animals are left on the streets. Animal shelters and welfare organizations are doing their best to help them, but are often in need themselves. That is why “Animals Life Net” is installing webcams, to make the problem of shelters’ over-occupation more visual.


The World Day of Homeless Animals is considered not a holiday, but an occasion to address the problem of homeless animals, to tell a maximum quantity of people about their tragic destiny. The problem to which it draws attention is felt sharply here in Russia.

Animals in Research

The available evidence suggests strongly that many invertebrates are capable of experiencing pain and suffering. There is no logical reason why a (live) lobster-boiling restaurant or squid experimenter should not receive the same attention as abusers of vertebrate animals.


One day in November 1982, I went out in a powered boat to the Orkney Isles to protest against the annual Grey Seal Cull. On the way, an American photographer had asked me to tell her all about Selchies, seals that can change into humans (or humans that can change into seals) when the moon is full.

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