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The whole meat issue is trivialized when it becomes about which animals are appropriate for eating and which are taboo. The legitimate way to focus campaigns against the dog and cat meat trades in Asia and elsewhere is to point out the additional cruelty involved in handling and killing those species.

Animals in Research

In the 1980s I did the background research for an anti-vivisection group in Glasgow. I am opposed to all experiments on live animals. I believe that they cost a fortune and that the results are misleading. But the main reason I oppose them is because animals matter.


The light
Is most beautiful
In the early morning,
Quietly glistening
On dewdrops
And spiders’ webs…

Companion Animals

A Maryland man was arrested on animal cruelty charges last week after he left his maggot-infested dog outside to die, reported The Washington Post. Events like this cry for an explanation, but no easy explanations are possible nor forthcoming. We are forced to dig deeper to reveal the diverse forces that made this poor animal’s fate a foregone conclusion.


Please sign Egyptian Society for Animal Friends’ petition to close down the Al-Zahraa pet shop, where dogs, cats, mice, birds, tortoises, and other animals languish in horrid conditions.


Within ancient Jewish culture, your name wasn’t simply what you were called; rather it spoke of your very essence. Today, animals are named as product, experiment, sport, and ingredient. To encourage rethinking of how society regards non-human life, Sarx is now receiving entries to our Named in Love competition.


I recently read in some magazine, a Hunt follower asking for Hunting with Hounds to continue because, “there are so many wonderful poems about the beauty of the hunt”. His idea of Nature and my idea of Nature are different. As is his idea of Poetry and my idea of Poetry.

Companion Animals

“For wool or for meat! $150 for the two of them!”

Stop. Wait. What? I could feel my blood curdle slowly within me. My breathing became jagged as I typed frantically, as if without thinking at all about what my fingers were doing, “I’ll take them. Just tell me when I can come and get them, and I’ll take them both”

Animals in Entertainment

The bullfight involves a ritual of prolonged, agonizing torture of bulls for entertainment. The Catholic Church needs to speak out against the bullfight partly because of the Church’s ability to exert influence in Catholic countries, and partly because the Church is complicit in this cruelty.


They slip quietly into extinction
Little fragile ones,
Dusky seaside sparrows,
Mission blue butterflies.
Great peaceful giants,
Elephants, whales…

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