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Spot any underwings lately? Moth-ers – young and old, new and experienced – will be looking for underwings and other moth species at hundreds of private and public mothing events July 23-31. Online registration is in full swing with events already registered in 24 countries and 21 states.


Music of the Spheres
In the star bright night.
The dawn mist
Over the rivers.
The sighing of the wind
In lush green meadows…


According to Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS and author of The Humane Economy, animal protection should not be seen as a sacrifice, but an opportunity. If this is so, the logical conclusion must be to promote veg alternatives to meat, eggs, and dairy, rather than animal products produced with slightly less cruelty.


I do not want to live
On an Earth
Without wolves and bears
And forests
And wild rivers


In Western religion, the Earth is merely the host on which we feed in our earthly passage, and the underlying assumption of the new stewardship dogma is that we should preserve nature in order to continue to exploit it. We need a revolutionary transformation that will free us from religious bondage and open our eyes to the beauty, wonder and Mystery of this Earth.


There is more beauty
Than your heart can ever hold
In a swan’s neck, a raccoon’s hand
In the song of a thrush
In sunlight through leaves in thick, green forests


Once upon a time, there was a Little Planet. She was the fairest in all the Universe and she was the Mother of Life. And all Life worshiped at her Altar for she nurtured every living thing and everywhere was a lush abundance of Beauty and Harmony…

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