POETRY: For Thine is the Kingdom


(Featured image: Kestrel, a member of the falcon genus associated with Egyptian gods Ra and Horus. Credit Tim, used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

All Hail to RA
Giver of Life
Who brings forth
The fruit and the flowers
And makes earth green.

Glory to RA
Who makes the rivers flow
And the salmon run.
Who brings the light
That fills the world
And wakes the unborn seed.

And Praise Be to RA
Who bears all power and glory
So Be It.

All Hail to LUNA
Who governs the waters
And moves the tides
Who brings the peace of darkness
And the night calm.

Glory to LUNA
Who makes the stars shine
Who cools the desert
And bathes the forest
In moonlight.

Praise Be to LUNA
To LUNA and RA
Who give us Life
So Be It.

All Hail to HORUS
Who shields our frail home
From the death of space.
Who nurtures the clouds and the rains
Who contains the storms
And filters the light.

Glory to HORUS
The benevolent father
Who watches over
All life.

Praise Be to HORUS
To HORUS and LUNA and RA
Guardians of Earth.
So Be It.

All Hail to GAIA
Our Earth Mother
Creator of All Things
Bright and beautiful
All Beings great and small.

Glory to GAIA
Who gave us birth
Let us honour and obey her laws.
Let us have Peace on Earth.
And Love between All Beings.

And Praise Be to GAIA
The first and the last
And the greatest of Mysteries.
So Be It.


Mary de La Valette 2015

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