Author Dylan Forest

Dylan has been with Animal People since 2015, starting out as Archivist and Photo Editor and becoming Editor in 2018. Dylan has been joyously aware of the multispecies nature of the world around him since childhood, and today considers this attention towards nonhuman others to be an integral component of his intellectual, political, and emotional life. His work with Animal People brings his commitment to toppling human exceptionalism together with a passion for writing and activism. Click to see author's profile.


In an interview with activist and children’s book author Clare Druce, we discussed her recent book and her thoughts on how to reach young people with messages about protecting animals.


The “big five” wildlife species were chosen by trophy hunters based on the species most difficult to kill. The New Big 5 will be based on the animals most popular to photograph, and advocates for compassion and conservation.


In an interview with the Founder of Health in Harmony, we discuss what happens when rainforest conservation starts out with radically listening to local communities, and when assistance is framed as a thank you from the world for protecting these precious ecosystems.

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