Troubled animals rescued 24×7, by Alpana Bhartia’s People for Animals


Every day, we see a number of animals in trouble. These animals are either abandoned by their owners or harmed by our own community. Some of them starve to death, while others are injured by vehicles. To stop this, we need to have adequate animal shelters to save these creatures from human violence. Alpana Bhartia, the founder of PFA (People For Animals) asserts that it is our moral responsibility to protect these animals and care for them, just like any other living being.

Bhartia, along with other members of PFA has played a crucial role in addressing this issue. PFA has been working tirelessly to end the miseries of animals. Their trained rescue teams are always available on-call. They are alert and ready to help any animal in danger. They use innovative ideas and various means to save all types of animals before bringing them to their animal shelter house. They assess the situation over the phone, and send specialized rescue teams for different type of animals accordingly.

People For Animals receives over 150 calls every month. The rescuers are called for different reasons, such as:

  1. Injury to an animal due to human interaction
  2. Cruelty
  3. Loss of habitat
  4. Accidents due to multiple reasons
  5. Separation from social group
  6. Shock or trauma
  7. Climate change
  8. Attack by other animals or different species


According to Alpana Bhartia, some of the species rescued by PFA are endangered, while others are migratory. There are 188 recorded rescued species. The situation becomes grim in summers, when a number of animals become dehydrated. These animals are given proper medication and brought to the animal shelter for recovery. Some of them are also brought by various law enforcement bodies.

Normally, the animals most often rescued are domestic species, including dogs, cats, and horses. But the rescuers of PFA also get a number of calls about different types of wild mammal, bird and reptile in need of help.

Indian jackal, slender loris, black buck, Indian flying bat and malabar giant squirrel are some of the most rescued mammals. The great Indian horned owl, Eurasian sparrow hawk, little grebe, painted stork and white-headed munia are some of the most rescued birds. The most surprising reptiles rescued by PFA include marsh crocodile, Indian rock python, Indian chameleon, saw scaled viper and Indian tent turtle.

But the problems facing animals are far from over. In order to end the misery of animals, more organizations like People for Animals must come forward, states Alpana Bhartia. For now, the rescuers of PFA are playing their part and rescuing troubled animals 24×7.

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