Could Your Driveway Be a Danger to Your Pet?


The world is full of pet lovers. 42.5 million American homes currently have at least one pet dog, while Western Europe keeps 43 million pooches. Pet owners strive to keep their homes pet friendly and to provide a safe and suitable living environment for their beloved furry friends to reside in. However, far too often the hazards that come with having a driveway are forgotten. The state of Pennsylvania has warned locals of the dangers of leaving dogs in the cold, but the winter weather brings additional hazards for pets too, especially out on the drive.

Winter hazards

Winter brings snowy, icy conditions which are hazardous for driving. Drivers may be keen to rid their vehicles of icy debris. However, antifreeze and similar deicer products used by people across the world are poisonous to cats and dogs, even in small quantities. Worryingly, reports even suggest that some cats are being poisoned deliberately with these readily available chemicals. Thus, prevention and protection are key. Look for alternative ways to tackle snow and ice, such as using sand, builder’s grit and heat to melt it away.

Summer threats

Driveways are heat traps in the summer, particularly those made from asphalt. Cats and dogs love to sun themselves in hot areas, but this can also be dangerous for them and presents a heat stroke risk. Your pet may seem okay while he’s just laying there, but at some point he may walk on the driveway, and that’s where there is another threat. Dogs and cats can easily burn the pads on the bottom of their paws by walking on boiling hot driveways. Therefore, take steps to prevent your pet going out on sweltering hot days. Ensure fresh, clean drinking water is always accessible. Also consider investing in bootees to protect your little one’s paws.

Safety & accessibility

When you’re having a driveway installed, it’s important that you keep your furry friend indoors while the work is being completed to prevent an accident from occurring. During this time, you can keep your pet occupied and mentally and physically stimulated by encouraging play. You should also speak to any neighbours who have pets, and advise of the accessibility required for the driveway construction as they, too, may wish to keep their pets out of harm’s way.

Pets are humanity’s beloved furry friends. Remember, therefore, to keep your driveway risk free just as you would the inside of your home.

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