Cattle-Ogue: Unveiling the Truth of the Indian Dairy Industry


In what is possibly the largest ever undercover investigation of dairies in India, FIAPO has laid bare the complete absence of regulation in the dairy industry, which continues to wreak violence on animals, consumers and civic order alike. The investigations, conducted across ten states and 451 dairies, reveal the unchecked horrors rampant in the ever growing commercialised dairy industry.

A chilling revelation from the investigation was the use of khalbaccha, an effigy made by stuffing a dead calf with hay. Because of the strength of maternal bonds, mother cows often stop lactating after their calves have died or been taken away. Hence, a khalbaccha is routinely used to mimic the presence of a calf and keep cows producing milk.

Other key findings include:

  • In 25.1% of dairies, male calves die within the first month
  • 25% of dairies separate calves from their mothers right after birth
  • 47% of dairies were found to be using Oxytocin
  • 56% of dairy owners allow the use of sick animals for milking
  • 79% of dairies keep animals tethered at all times


Read the full investigation report here.

The unorganised and unregulated upkeep of dairy animals can be seen in the video below, which raises a question mark as to the safety of the milk that we so happily consume.

The media has taken the issue seriously, asking for the government to take concrete steps to regulate the Indian dairy industry.

Now it’s time for you to take action! With our campaign #EndExploitativeDairies, we are pursuing the enactment of municipal regulation in the states, as well as overarching regulations at the Central level, to bring about a change in conditions for the animals reared for milk production.

Help us by raising your voice against the dairy industry – ask the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change to bring in regulation in the industry!

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