POETRY: Black Mood


Vultures stop breeding
When they are out of food
Yet nothing stops Humans
When we’re in the mood

Optimism, a strange condition
Helps us get through life
And shelters us from the vision
That soon there will be strife

With some nine billion of a kind
Ravishing the earth’s resources
Which kids in their right mind
Would choose such obstacle courses?

The sweet innocent babe
Poor sod had no choice
They don’t have a voice
When it comes to their fate

Look at the world and think
With choice would you want
To rejoice with us in the stink
Of this overcrowded land?

Where is God when you need him?
Father Christmas turns up once a year
Oh isn’t our brain a little dim
When it is confronted with fear!

Featured image courtesy Kim Bartlett / Animal People, Inc.

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