This Girl from Latvia Rescued More than 350 Homeless Cats in the Past Two Years


Working student Zanda Indriksone started helping homeless and abandoned cats about two years ago. Although she did not study about animals in depth in high school or university, she gained knowledge about cats, their nature and health from her own experience. During this time she helped more than 350 cats.

“For example, I am going down the street – when I see a cat, I just can not pass by,” says Zanda. It could happen any day. “The first thing I do is take the cat to the vet so the vet could check the cat’s health and determine the cat’s age,” explains Zanda. Thankfully she is not alone in this process, because volunteers also started to help and provide temporary homes for the cats she rescued.

How long a cat stays in temporary home depends on each cat’s condition. “If the cat’s condition is good and the cat is healthy, there can be a chance to find a home within half an hour. This mainly happens in the summer. The longest time any cat spent in temporary home was about a month, but this cat required special treatment.”

Currently Zanda is a member of the non-profit cat protection organization Cat Care Community, which is building wooden houses for homeless cats in Riga and other Latvian cities.

More info: Zanda’s Facebook | Cat Care Community’s Facebook

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