In some parts of the Philippines, it takes a village to raise a dog


The Philippine rural setting leaves no chance for a dog to be exclusively raised by its family. Due mostly to a lack of fencing, dogs go in and out of the house and straight into the village road.

These rural dogs can be seen having a snack at the nearby public market, taking a nap at the local church, or simply hanging out with the men while they drink outside makeshift variety stores. Their city counterparts do the same, under more determined and desperate circumstances, due to being completely “un-owned;” born straight into the streets.

Pagasa, named after a Filipino word for Hope, was one such dog: a city dweller with a tumor on his face, living in the streets and barely subsisting on garbage food. He is now with Animal Kingdom Foundation after a group of well-meaning folks took him in and cared for him temporarily.

AKF will take care of Pagasa with the help of some individuals who are finding means to support his medical expenses. AKF is the only organization in the country that offers its full facility and services without charging professional fees. We charge only reparation of the medicines and some incidental expenses.

This is made possible by the donations we receive and the discounts we get from medicine suppliers.

Pagasa needs more to live a normal existence, and he needs the whole village to rally behind him. AKF will make sure he gets the best attention despite a very unfortunate situation.

Pagasa (Hope), enjoying office life at AKF veterinarian's front office.

Pagasa (Hope), enjoying office life at AKF veterinarian’s front office.


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