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Nowadays thousands of mistreated, abandoned and helpless animals are left on the streets. Animal shelters and welfare organizations are doing their best to help them. However, shelters are often in need themselves.

That is why the “Animals Life Net” team came up with the idea of making the problem of shelters’ over-occupation more visual… precisely, by installing webcams. In the era of technological progress, why not use the benefits it gives to help those in need?

What Is “Animals Life Net”? ( is an internet portal which brings animal shelters and people who wish to help animals together. The project is called “Animals Life Net” not by chance, but because the realization of it is carried out through the internet. Anyone willing to support animals from shelters can do so without any problem from anywhere in the world.

What Kind of Help Can Be Provided?

The project has come to realization not so long ago. At the present time there are several options of providing support to shelters available, more specifically:

  • Adopt a pet – a potential owner fills in the contact form, which is forwarded to a particular shelter’s administration, who decide whether to consider the request or not. This option can be limited so it will be available only to the particular country’s residents (for the purpose of further surveillance of the adopted animal).
  • Volunteer – anyone wishing to volunteer at a particular shelter can send his or her application from home. Volunteers’ responsibilities vary depending on the shelter. The further steps are similar to those for adoption.
  • Buy pet-food – this feature is the least restricted, since any person from any country can support a specific shelter, by buying pet-food online through When a certain amount of pet food is accumulated, the representatives of deliver it to the shelter and send the report of the delivery from the shelter to every person who has taken part in supplying it.


What Makes the Project Interesting?

Due to the fact that not everyone who wants to help animals in shelters has the ability to visit them, they put it on the long finger. The “Animals Life Net” web-platform offers these people a solution – helping animals in shelters now is possible from home.

Using project funds, “Animals Life Net” offers shelters the opportunity to install a webcam, which will stream live what is happening in the shelter at the moment.  Shelters can choose for themselves where the camera will be placed; it could be in the dog walking area, cage of a particular animal, cat room or playground. In a word, any corner of a shelter which they would like to share with their viewers. Any visitor can get acquainted with the animals’ life, lend them a helping hand or find a new friend among them.

Live broadcast from Pesaleidja Shelter in Tallinn, Estonia, powered by


Project’s goals are:

  • to stimulate people to adopt animals from animal shelters;
  • to discredit preconceptions of poor treatment of animals at animal shelters;
  • to encourage people to help shelters and their inhabitants;
  • to simplify the process of pet searches;
  • to recruit new shelter volunteers.


The main slogan of the project is “Through combined efforts we will make this world a better place”, so do not hesitate and join the project!

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