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Companion Animals

“For wool or for meat! $150 for the two of them!”

Stop. Wait. What? I could feel my blood curdle slowly within me. My breathing became jagged as I typed frantically, as if without thinking at all about what my fingers were doing, “I’ll take them. Just tell me when I can come and get them, and I’ll take them both”

Animals in Entertainment

The bullfight involves a ritual of prolonged, agonizing torture of bulls for entertainment. The Catholic Church needs to speak out against the bullfight partly because of the Church’s ability to exert influence in Catholic countries, and partly because the Church is complicit in this cruelty.


They slip quietly into extinction
Little fragile ones,
Dusky seaside sparrows,
Mission blue butterflies.
Great peaceful giants,
Elephants, whales…


In Ukraine’s current economic situation, people can’t afford to take care of animals. Our work includes providing medical aid for people’s pets, rescuing wild animals from private zoos, rehabilitating wildlife, and sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs and cats in the country.


Asia for Animals calls on the government of Guangxi, China to shut down the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which inflicts horrendous animal suffering, endangers public health and welfare, and reflects badly on Guangxi both within the country and abroad.


We believe that cruelty to animals is often caused unintentionally, but animals suffer as a result of lack of knowledge and information. That is why Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society puts so much emphasis on education and information about animals along with practical care for animals. To love animals also means to know them well.


How should we as humans relate to our fellow sentient beings – those we coexist with now, and whom we may encounter in the future? Animal People’s online exhibit, ‘Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, & Artificial Intelligence,’ explores what we know of non-human intelligence and the questions it raises.