End Animal Abuse in Egyptian Pet Shops


The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends has recently formed a task force aimed at ensuring proper treatment of animals in pet shops throughout Egypt. I am one of the volunteers responsible for overseeing the treatment of animals in one of the worst pet shops we have encountered. It is known as Al-Zahraa, situated in the famous Kasr Al Ainy Street in Cairo. I have seen countless cases of neglect and abuse, but never have I seen anything quite like this.

Going into the “store” I found various animals (some even exotic and banned by Egyptian law, such as peacocks) in the most filthy, unbearably hot and foul smelling conditions. I only spent 5 minutes inside and I couldn’t take the heat nor smell. What’s worse, some dogs had fresh, neglected wounds, and animals either didn’t have separate water bowls or were only given the chance to drink every few hours in 44 degree Celsius weather. A peacock was discovered trapped in a tiny cage too small to stretch its neck, with barely enough water, and there were tortoises hanging from a cage looking extremely lethargic. 6 or more mice were put in a tiny cage and around 10 birds were all squeezed into another. The dogs and cats were put too many to a cage and the cages themselves were way too small, all in a tiny room that is stuffy, hot, and unhygienic, with tons of cockroaches running around. The animals barely get to see the light of day. We even rescued a blind and deaf puppy that was probably a few hours away from dying. He was thrown on the side walk by the owner because he was seen as “no good” and we found him suffering severe dehydration.

Please sign and share the petition below to shut down this and other abusive pet shops in Egypt. I hugely appreciate your support.




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  1. Timothy Sell on

    This all should be punishable up to a death penalty just like human law. Animals feel the same as us, & they deserve rights & freedom & choice. We’ve taken over all creatures lands. It’s sick.

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