Arwa Sayyadi

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  • The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends has recently formed a task force aimed at ensuring proper treatment of animals in pet shops throughout Egypt. I am one of the volunteers responsible for overseeing the […]

  • Hello, my name is Arwa Izzedin. I am part of a group of volunteers that is a task force aimed at travelling across pet shops in Egypt and monitoring conditions in the hope that we can influence some of the owners to improve conditions, or gather enough evidence against those owners who are putting their pets in horrendous conditions. There is one…[Read more]

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    • Just signed your petition! If you would like to submit an article about Al Zahraa and your campaign to shut it down, we would be happy to publish it. What you have written here already is a good start – if you can also provide pictures and video, and any additional detail you consider important, you can submit it by clicking “Submit -> New Story”…[Read more]