7 tips while traveling with pets


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If you’re a dog lover, at least once in life you might want or need to travel with your buddy, and if you think this could be problematic, it doesn’t have to be! There are many tips and facilities that will make this easier than you think.

Take these recommendations if you’re planning to take a trip with your best friend.

Kennel, bag carrier or crate.

You can choose any of these options depending on the way you’re going to travel (car, airplane, etc.). You can find a variety of them in many pet stores. This way your dog will be safe and controlled.

A pet-friendly hotel. 

There are many hotels in the world that allow pets in your room. You can book accommodations through standard websites just by using a “pet-friendly” filter when searching, or use special sites like this one. You should also consult any restrictions or fees the hotel requires.

Pet-friendly transportation service.

If you’re flying or you didn’t bring your own car, but want to get around with your dog and move from one point to another, ask for a private transportation service that allows pets on board. They may require an extra charge, but it’s a safe and comfortable way to move around with your dog.

Visit your dog’s vet before traveling.

He will check your dog before the adventure and also make some recommendations and tell you about preventive medications you should consider. A health certificate is often required while traveling.

Leash and collar every time.

Your dog needs always to be controlled and safe. You must carry its leash and collar during the whole trip, and an ID tag would be a great option too.

First aid and travel kit for dogs.

It doesn’t matter if you and your best friend are traveling by airplane or car, you must have a special kit for your dog which includes needed items and supplies, to make everything easier in all possible situations.

Favorite toy, blanket or treats.

Everybody get anxious or nervous before and during travel. Bringing your dog’s favorite stuff will make it feel safer and calmer.

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